We only do it once. Let’s make a send-off something to remember well and take comfort from.

Planning a Funeral

Your chosen Funeral Director will guide you through the options available. I can also help with suggestions to follow tradition or be creative with your own ideas regarding the service.

Services I conduct can be free of religion, or they can include hymns, psalm-readings or, for example, The Lord’s Prayer. And the right music is important…. pop, rock, classical, your own recording… the choices are yours and should remind you of the person you have lost.


There are options for traditional coffins, willow coffins, cardboard coffins, personalised coffins….. Some people like to put messages or photographs inside the coffin, or add messages on the outside with post-its, or write on them with a marker. It’s fine to either stick to tradition or to create something unusual.

There are options for where the service is held. There are crematoria, chapels and cemeteries, and woodland burial grounds with an informal setting where your loved one would return to nature in beautiful surroundings. You might even choose a woodland setting for the service, but follow that with a cremation. Services can be done anywhere with permission of the land or venue owner.

After cremation, there are options for the ashes. They can be scattered by the staff at the Crematorium, or they can be returned to you. You might keep them or divide them between the family. You might scatter them or bury (“inter”) them or you can even have them put into jewellery, turned into “diamonds”, or put into a rocket firework and sent to the stars with a bang. There is no hurry or time limit for decisions about the ashes.

But helping you as a celebrant isn’t all about being creative or quirky – staying with tradition is fine. My main role is to write a personal and celebratory presentation and make sure it’s a fitting ceremony.

We only do it once. Let’s make it something to remember well and take comfort from.